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Online Master's in Analytics Programs by State

Through rigorous research and qualitative assessment, has created a comprehensive and proprietary database of fully accredited, not-for-profit schools in the US that offer online master’s degree programs in the field of analytics. Our methodology involves examining the specific curricular objectives of each program to determine:

  • Whether or not the program addresses core areas of theoretical and technical proficiencies in analytics.
  • If the curriculum fits specific criteria has defined for a master’s in data analytics, a master’s in data science, and/or a master’s in business intelligence.
  • If the program meets’s classification for an online degree programs.

Our research shows that there are currently 77 accredited non-profit colleges and universities that offer online master’s in analytics degrees in the US. This further breaks down as follows: 60 online Master in Data Analytics programs; 29 online Master in Data Science programs; and 7 online Master in Business Intelligence programs.

Master’s in Analytics Degree Programs: Online versus Hybrid

Many of the online Master’s in Analytics programs in our database do not require any campus visits, and are 100% online. However, some programs incorporate campus-based immersion sessions that students are required to attend. These programs may be preferable for students who value the opportunity to meet faculty and classmates in person, and to forge a connection with a physical campus.

On, we classify an online program as one that requires two or fewer campus visits per year. Programs that require students to attend more than two on-campus sessions per year are classified as hybrid programs and are not included in our database at this time. For programs that require campus visits, students should speak with an admission advisor to determine if the cost of travel is already included in the program fees or if students must account for these costs separately as they compare programs.

Online Master’s in Analytics Degree Programs: The Importance of State Authorizations

Online education opens the door for students to attend universities from across the country. This may be particularly relevant for students who live in states where in-state schools do not offer any master’s in analytics programs online, or do not offer specific fields or concentrations online like data science versus data analytics. This may also be important for students who do not live near, or who cannot travel to campus for online programs that require limited campus visits.

Each state has different requirements for universities to offer online programs for their residents. While some states do not require universities that do not have a physical campus in their state to seek authorization to offer online programs, other do have strict authorization requirements. In these cases, most schools will decide not to accept students from those states until they are approved to do so. While has researched state authorizations for all programs in our database, it is still prudent for prospective students to check with an admission advisor before applying to an out-of-state program to ensure that they have the most up-to-date information, as state authorizations are fluid and can change over time.

Tuition Costs for In-State and Out-of-State Programs

Unlike traditional campus-based programs, where tuition costs often differ for in-state and out-of-state students, many programs charge the same tuition rate for online students regardless of their state of residency. However, prospective applicants should be aware that some schools do indeed have different tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state online students. This is another important factor to weigh when comparing programs from state to state. Students should confirm tuition costs with an admissions advisor before applying to an out-of-state school.

For more information on state authorizations and tuition costs displayed on, please visit our Sources of Information, Geographical Restrictions, and Disclaimers page.