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Online Master's in Data Analytics and Data Science Programs in Texas

There are three schools in the state of Texas that currently offer online master’s degrees in analytics: Southern Methodist University (SMU), Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas). classifies the program offered by SMU as a master’s in data science, based on its curriculum. The programs offered by Texas A&M and UT Dallas are classified as master’s in data analytics programs. SMU and Texas A&M utilize synchronous instruction, which means students must log in at specific times to view real-time lectures. UT Dallas employs asynchronous instruction, which gives students on-demand access to pre-recorded video lectures. SMU and Texas A&M require students to attend a limited number of on-campus sessions during the program; whereas, UT Dallas does not require any campus visits.

Southern Methodist University’s Master of Science in Data Science (DataScience@SMU) is an interdisciplinary degree that draws on the resources of the Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, the Lyle School of Engineering, and the Meadows School of the Arts. It focuses on the theories, tools, and technologies used by data scientists to mine, manage, and interpret large and complex datasets. Students who opt for full-time enrollment can finish the degree requirements in 18 months. Those attending part-time can expect to graduate in roughly 24 months, depending on the number of courses taken per semester. The program has start dates in January, May, and August.

The DataScience@SMU program utilizes synchronous instruction, which means there are scheduled online lectures and seminars that require students to be present at a set time each week, usually in the evenings. Students are also required to attend one weekend-long, campus-based immersion session, where they participate in a group project based on a data science case study.

Texas A&M University offers an online Master of Science in Analytics program through the school’s College of Science and Mays Business School. The curriculum focuses on the statistical modeling, computer programming, and database management skills used by data analysts in fields like business management, financial accounting, and marketing. The program is designed to accommodate part-time students who have at least three years of professional experience, and it takes 20 months, or five semesters, to complete. The school accepts a new pool of applicants into the program once a year, in the fall.

The online Master of Science in Analytics program at Texas A&M is run concurrently with a campus-based program that meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Lectures and discussions are streamed synchronously to online participants at that time. The online program also includes two campus visits: an introductory session at the beginning of the program; and a colloquium at the end of the program during which students present the results of an analytics capstone project.

The online Master in Data Analytics program at the University of Texas at Dallas is offered through the Naveen Jindal School of Management as a Business Intelligence and Analytics concentration within its Master of Science in Information Technology and Management (MS ITM) program. The curriculum focuses on the application of IT systems and programming tools in the collection and processing of data in the business world, as well as on strategic decision-making, risk management, and organizational behavior. Students who are enrolled full-time can expect to graduate in 18 months. Those who opt for part-time enrollment generally complete the degree within two years. There are three annual start dates, in the fall, spring, and summer.

The MS ITM program at UT Dallas utilizes asynchronous instruction, which allows students to view pre-recorded lectures and access other course materials on-demand. There are no mandatory campus visits. However, some online courses do require proctored exams. Students who live near UT Dallas can take exams at an on-campus testing center. For students who find this geographically inconvenient, the school does provide off-campus proctoring alternatives.

For students interested in exploring out-of-state options for online master’s degrees in analytics, there are 93 programs that accept applicants from Texas. This may be of particular interest to those looking for an online master’s program that specializes in business intelligence or in another analytics specialization that is not offered by one of the three schools in Texas. While the majority of these programs are offered fully online, some programs do require limited campus visits. In many cases, the tuition costs for out-of-state online students are the same as for in-state online students, but prospective students should research tuition costs before applying to out-of-state programs. Find programs by specialization on our online analytics degree programs page.

Online Data Analytics and Data Science Programs in Texas

School Fully Online Instruction* Programs
Southern Methodist University No Data Science (Master of Science in Data Science)
Texas A&M University No Analytics (Master of Science in Analytics)
The University of Texas at Dallas Yes Analytics (Master of Science in Information Technology and Management)

*Programs with fully online instruction do not require students to visit the campus during the program. Programs marked “No” require students to visit the campus two or fewer times per year for on-campus orientations or intensive sessions.