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Connect with Top User Experience (UX) Design Professors on Twitter

These top user experience (UX) design professors are active leaders in user design and experience education who have produced major research, taught educational programs, and authored publications on foundational industry information, such as how design might enhance society and technology companies can structure their products to support ethics.

A number of these professors study the intersection of gender bias and racism with user design and experience, while others specialize in areas including artificial intelligence, machine learning, feminism, music, and humanistic intelligence. Several are leaders at their respective schools, and some participate in industry conferences, journals, publications, podcasts, or in other activities advancing the research and application of UX/UI design in academic and real-world environments. All are involved and engaged on Twitter.

Chelsea Toczauer

Chelsea Toczauer is a journalist with experience managing publications at several global universities and companies related to higher education, logistics, and trade. She holds two BAs in international relations and asian languages and cultures from the University of Southern California, as well as a double accredited US-Chinese MA in international studies from the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University joint degree program. Toczauer speaks Mandarin and Russian.