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Connect with Top Design Professors on Twitter

The field of design is a multi-faceted discipline within academia—from the arts, architecture, to cultural identity, and innovations in education and technology—design is the blueprint for human and technological evolution. Design professors lead the way for thriving economies as designers are constantly faced with tackling cultural, social, spatial and technological challenges. Design professors educate future designers to understand environmental, human and social needs by applying creative strategies to break boundaries and develop resourceful solutions.

The list below contains highly connected professors representing many leading schools of design. It so happens that several of the professors near the top of the list specialize in architecture, however as you move down the list you will find the broader field of design represented by professors specializing in areas like educational product design, graphic design, human-computer interaction, illustration, and information systems. While their work and research may delight the senses and inspire minds, they also strive to shift the paradigm of what might be considered aesthetic and sustainable design, and encourage us to open our minds to understand the complexity of the world and build a better one.