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Connect with Top Marketing Professors on Twitter

Marketing entails more than merely advertising and sales—it involves the careful study and integration of product design, behavioral economics, and consumer psychology, as well as several other social sciences from various disciplines. Marketing professors often specialize in one or several of these domains and conduct research that advances both marketing theory and practice. For instance, Phillip Kotler, who is listed here, is known broadly as “the father of modern marketing,” and is often credited with steering marketing from a “push” system (pushing excess supply of products onto consumers) to a “pull” system (discovering consumer needs and delivering value by meeting those needs).

In addition to research, marketing professors are responsible for educating future brand managers, executives, advertisers, market researchers, and sales professionals through classroom instruction in universities across the world. Although curricula vary by university, typical courses taught by marketing professors include marketing management, marketing research, consumer behavior, advertising/promotions, and marketing strategy.

Most of the professors listed below hold leadership positions at their respective institutions and lead the field in terms of research, teaching, and service with industry organizations and related editorial publications. The professors on this list are all active users of Twitter, and regularly share their expert perspectives and wisdom with a global audience.