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New Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs – August 2019

There are several schools that have launched or announced plans to launch new online bachelor’s degree programs this fall, including bachelor’s programs in business administration, communication, environmental management, health sciences, and nursing. In addition, several four-year colleges have recently announced new online undergraduate programs in partnership with two-year community colleges.

The University of Jamestown – Online Bachelors in Communication and Business Studies Programs

The University of Jamestown, a small, private, non-profit, liberal arts school located in the North Dakota city of Jamestown, announced the launch of four new online bachelor’s programs this month. The new programs include two Communication specializations – Emerging Media and Human Resources – and two Business Studies specializations – Industrial Management and Financial Planning & Wealth Management. The Communication specializations require students to complete 36 credits of coursework (12 courses) within the major. The Business Studies Industrial Management specialization has 40 required credits of coursework within the major (15 courses), and the Financial Planning & Wealth Management has 39 credits of major requirements (13 courses). All four programs require a total of 124 credits for graduation and allow students to transfer up to 64 of those credits from prior undergraduate coursework. The University of Jamestown is currently accepting applications for all four of these online bachelor’s programs.

Eastern Florida State College – Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Health Sciences Programs

Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) is adding two new Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program tracks to its undergraduate Applied Health Sciences major this fall. These two tracks, Medical Imagining, CT, MRI, and Vascular Sonography, and Medical Imaging Informatics/PACS, are designed as continuing education programs for practicing medical imaging professionals.

The school’s president, Dr. Jim Richey, has indicated that, like many of EFSC’s other bachelor’s programs, these programs will move toward offering many of their courses online. In its inaugural year, the BAS in Medical Imaging, CT, MRI, and Vascular Sonography program will offer all of its required didactic coursework online. The BAS in Medical Imaging Informatics/PACS program will offer many but not all of its courses online this fall. Applicants to both of these Medical Imaging programs are required to be licensed by the American Registry of Radiological Technologists, the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, or the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board. Applicants must also hold an associate degree in an applicable medical imaging or medical technology field.

EFSC also added three tracks to its BAS in Organizational Management for Business major and a track for Veterinary Nursing. The BAS in Organizational Management for Business tracks include: Travel and Tourism Management; Event Planning and Management; and Non-Profit Management.

Unity College – Online Bachelor of Science in Environmental Emergency Management and Law Enforcement Program

Unity College, a small, private, liberal arts school located 35 miles south of Bangor, ME, is bolstering its reputation as “America’s Environmental College” by launching an online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Environmental Emergency Management and Law Enforcement program this fall. Students in the program must complete a seven-course Environmental Professional core and an 11-course Emergency Management and Law Enforcement core, as well as general education courses. The program is designed to allow students to transfer up to 90 of the 120 credits required for graduation, provided those prior credits meet certain criteria.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – Online Bachelor’s in Jewish Studies Program

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) has added a new Jewish Studies major to its online bachelor’s program options this fall. The program features two designated tracks: Jewish Cultural Studies; and Hebrew. It has been touted by the school as the only program of its kind in the US. Online students at UWM can also add a Jewish Studies minor to one of the six other undergraduate majors that the university currently offers online. These include: History; Information Science and Technology; Nursing (RN-to-BSN); Political Science; Psychology; and Sociology.

Morehead State University – Online Bachelor’s Program Partnership with Somerset Community College

Kentucky’s Morehead State University (MSU) recently announced that it has partnered with Somerset Community College (SCC), a two-year junior college, to offer five new online bachelor’s programs. The new programs include a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration program with four concentrations: Accounting; General Business; Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship; and Computer Information Systems. MSU and SCC have also begun offering online Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in Technology Management and Leadership in Medical Imaging, as well as an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-to-BSN) program, and an online Bachelor of University Studies in Professional Studies program. The partnership allows students to earn half of their required credits at SCC at a lower tuition rate than they would have to pay to earn those credits at MSU while still earning an MSU degree.

Heidelberg University – Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Partnership with Terra State Community College

Heidelberg University, a private, non-profit, liberal arts college located in the Northern Ohio town of Tifflin, has partnered with Terra State Community College in nearby Freemont to launch a collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program with an online learning component. The program has a 1+2+1 structure that provides students with a pathway that includes an initial year of study at Heidelberg, followed by two years of coursework and clinical training at Terra State Community College. Prior to the final year of the program, which is taught entirely online by Heidelberg faculty, students apply for their Registered Nurse (RN) license.

Note: While many online programs admit students from all 50 states, some programs have geographical restrictions. It is thus advisable to contact a program administrator prior to submitting an application to an online program offered by an out-of-state school.

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