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Degrees of Tomorrow: Science

As the world progresses, more and more people are beginning to see the importance of having a degree in science. Science degrees open up many opportunities, allowing students to enter into various scientific fields. There are many different types of degrees, and each one offers its own unique set of opportunities.

It is important for professionals in this field to stay abreast of the latest scientific advances. An excellent way to do that is by earning an online degree in an emerging field such as cell biology, artificial intelligence, and genetic counseling.

While many people in science work in research, the workplaces for scientists are as varied as the disciplines. Other typical places of employment can include pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, robotics labs, and the government.

To maintain a job in science, it is important to pursue a thriving field. Keep reading to learn about online degrees in six growing scientific fields.

Online Degrees in Cell Biology

With an online degree in cell biology, students can take their education to the next level and enter into a career in this unique branch of science. There are many different types of careers in cell biology, ranging from research to teaching. By earning a degree in cell biology, students can learn about all aspects of the cellular process, from DNA replication to protein synthesis.

University of Florida (BS in Microbiology and Cell Science)

The Microbiology and Cell Science Department at the University of Florida offers an online bachelor’s of science in microbiology and cell science. This program provides students with a strong foundation in microbiology and molecular biology while also teaching them career-readiness skills. The engaging online curriculum provides students with diverse opportunities to learn more about topics such as molecular genetics, cell biology, immunology, parasitology, virology, pathogenesis, and bioinformatics.

The program provides students with a strong foundation for various graduate studies and professional careers. Eligible students can apply for departmental scholarships and faculty-mentored summer research experiences. The required lower division organic chemistry classes and labs are not offered online, so students should complete them before enrolling or at another institution before applying for graduation.

  • Cost: $552.62 per credit

Online Degrees Genetic Counseling

An online degree in genetic counseling can provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in this growing field. Genetic counselors are responsible for providing information and support to individuals and families who may be affected by genetic disorders.

To become a genetic counselor, individuals must first complete a master’s degree, which can take two to three years to complete and includes coursework in biology, psychology, sociology, and counseling. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS 2021) estimates a 26 percent increase in jobs in this field between 2020 and 2030, which is more than four times the national average for all jobs over the same period.

Graduates of approved genetic counseling programs are eligible to sit for the American Board of Genetic Counseling exam to become a Certified Genetic Counselor (CGC).

Boise State University (MS in Genetic Counseling)

The master of science in genetic counseling (MSGC) at Boise State University is designed to provide students with a comprehensive education to be empathetic and skilled healthcare professionals.

The curriculum is offered entirely online and consists of 56 credits, which covers topics such as human genetics, clinical genetics, public health, bioethics, counseling techniques, facilitating decision-making, risk assessment and calculations, research methodology, epidemiology, statistics, wellness, and self-care.

Students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience through coursework and clinical rotations. The capstone project allows students to apply their skills and knowledge to a real-world situation.

  • Cost: $54,992 total

Bay Path University (MS in Genetic Counseling)

The Bay Path University’s online master’s of science in genetic counseling prepares graduates for careers in the expanding field of genetic counseling. The program offers an engaging, rewarding, and highly accessible, personalized learning experience with distance learning courses and in-person clinical experiences. Students gain superior knowledge and skills for the evaluation, monitoring, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling of patients across their lifespans.

Bay Path is dedicated to preparing students for all the various roles in genetic counseling. Upon completing this program, graduates will be able to advocate effectively for their patients and maintain a high degree of professionalism and ethical practices. There is a strong emphasis on leadership skills and the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams.

  • Cost: $1,160 per credit

Online Degrees Biochemistry

Biochemistry examines the chemical process in living organisms. Biochemists are in high demand in many industries, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and food science.

With an online degree in biochemistry, students can choose to specialize in a particular area of interest, such as medical research or forensic science. The coursework for an online biochemistry degree is rigorous and covers a wide range of topics, from organic chemistry to molecular biology.

Arizona State University (BS in Biochemistry)

Students can earn their online bachelor’s of science in biochemistry degree through Arizona State University. This program is designed to give students a strong understanding of chemical processes in living creatures and organisms.

Classes cover various topics, from thermodynamics to chemical kinetics, focusing on biological systems. In addition to online coursework, students must complete one week of lab courses in person either at ASU or at an accredited institution. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to pursue a career in medicine, science, or education.

  • Cost: $641 per credit

University of Saint Joseph (MS in Biochemistry)

The online master’s degree in biochemistry at the University of Saint Joseph is one of the top programs in the country. The medicine, pharmacy, and allied health training in this program will prepare graduates for various employment opportunities in this field.

A primary component of this program is understanding how biology and chemistry interact and using advanced chemical concepts to analyze biological systems. This degree is designed for working professionals. Because of this, the expected course load each semester is two courses. There are both thesis and non-thesis options for earning this degree.

  • Cost: $811 per credit

Online Degrees Neuroscience

Online degrees in neuroscience are becoming increasingly popular as the field continues to grow. Because neuroscience is such a complex and interdisciplinary field, it is well-suited for online learning.

Students can take courses in various subjects, including biology, psychology, and chemistry, and then apply these concepts to studying the brain. Depending on the level of degree pursued, students can complete their studies in neuroscience in two to four years. Graduates can work in diverse fields such as research labs or hospitals or pursue additional education such as a degree in medicine.

Arizona State University (BS in Neuroscience)

The online bachelor’s of science in neuroscience degree at Arizona State University focuses on studying the brain and nervous system. Students in the program learn about how the brain functions concerning behavior, emotion, and consciousness. The program provides students with a foundation in biology, engineering, mathematics, and psychology, which allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the structure and function of the brain.

Above all, the skills that students learn in the program, such as computer programming, experimental design, behavioral understanding, and data science, make them marketable for future STEM professions.

  • Cost: $641 per credit

University of Florida College of Medicine (MS in Medical Science in Biomedical Neuroscience)

The University of Florida College of Medicine offers a master of science in medical sciences with a concentration in biomedical neuroscience designed for working professionals seeking to move into neuroscience-related careers or for postbaccalaureate students seeking admission into health-related professional schools.

The program is fully online and allows students to maintain their current residence and commitments to their family or career while completing their degree. The courses in this program are taught by UF professors who are experts in their respective fields and have been recognized for their excellence in teaching.

  • Cost: $550 per credit

Online Degrees in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence uses computer systems to simulate human intelligence. Applications include visions, data mining, robotics, and natural language processing.

Through artificial intelligence, organizations and professionals can make educated data-backed decisions more quickly and increase the accuracy of those decisions. This field requires specialized training and education in computer science, machine learning, and computational logic. This emerging field already has some outstanding online degree program options.

Colorado State University Global Campus (BS in Information Technology, Computer Science, or Management Information Systems And Business Analytics)

The undergraduate specialization in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics at Colorado State Global Campus can be completed alongside a bachelor’s of science in information technology, computer science, or management information systems and business analytics. This specialization offers students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in two growing and lucrative areas of computer science.

The curriculum allows students to evaluate the effects of uncertainty in a probabilistic setting, identify principles associated with search methods in artificial intelligence, and analyze technical mechanisms used to deconstruct an image for modeling. Additionally, students in the specialization will learn how to apply techniques that can be used to control a robot in a given environment and demonstrate the ability to model factors that can influence a robot’s path.

  • Cost: $500 per credit

Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering (MS in Artificial Intelligence)

The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in the Whiting School of Engineering has developed an online master’s of science in artificial intelligence to help engineers take advantage of opportunities in this field. The curriculum is designed to explore areas such as computer robotics, natural language processing, image processing, and more. The program offers a variety of courses that can be tailored to fit each student’s needs and interests.

At the end of the program, students will be able to develop new artificial intelligence features and understand the requirements, drivers, functions, components, interdependencies, risks, and quality factors for various systems and processes.

  • Cost: $5,872 per three-credit course

Online Degree in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing how people live and work, and it will only become more ubiquitous in the coming years. This field of study focuses on the interconnectedness of devices through the internet. As more people own and use smart devices, there’s a growing demand for professionals with expertise in this cutting-edge field. For professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve, an online degree in the Internet of Things could be the perfect way to do it. Through courses in subjects like sensors and networking, students will gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in this rapidly evolving field.

Florida International University (BS in the Internet of Things)

The bachelor of science in the internet of things at Florida International University teaches students comprehensive data skills that will enable them to work in various IoT careers. Students learn about programming, cybersecurity, and hardware design in order to become experts in the field. By earning this degree, graduates of this program will have the opportunity to secure well-paying jobs in the field.

  • Cost: $354.87 per credit

University of New Mexico (MS Computer Engineering – Internet of Things)

The University of New Mexico offers a master’s of science in computer engineering with a specialization in the internet of things. This graduate program was developed with input from industrial partners and teaches students important skills needed for the next generation of computer networks. The courses are offered in an online, eight-week format and are taught by world-renowned computer engineering faculty from the UNM School of Engineering.

This program is designed for those who already have an undergraduate degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, or a similar field. Applicants should have college-level proficiency in English (reading and writing), programming, and mathematics.

  • Cost: $428.12 per credit

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