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As part of an ongoing commitment to provide students with clear and comprehensive guidance on online education and degree programs, offers a broad range of informational resources on relevant topics in the field of higher education. These articles are meant to complement our rigorous research and reporting on specific online degrees, on trends in online learning, and on careers in fields linked to particular academic programs. The features section includes general interest stories, in-depth reports, and practical guides that delve into a wide array of subject areas, extending beyond online education, and reaching out into the larger world of knowledge and scholarship.

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2022: Advocacy Guide & Expert Interview

To help raise awareness about children’s mental health issues, the first full week of May is dedicated to Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. This is an opportunity to spotlight children’s mental health and to increase public knowledge about current issues and how to treat them. “It’s important to take kids’ mental health seriously. Please don’t dismiss it as some kind of phase or a sign of weakness. It isn’t anyone’s fault,” urges Buskirk-Cohen.

College Admissions Tests in the Age of Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed the traditional purpose of the SAT and the ACT for entering freshmen. Some graduate schools have even waived requirements for GMAT and GRE scores.

Companies With Education Benefits: CommonBond

Higher education has proven upsides for society: it leads to stronger economic growth, a healthier population, and greater social cohesion. But the current pathways to higher education are broken in the US.

Companies With Education Benefits: Guild Education

Guild Education is a company with outstanding, standard-setting education benefits. By partnering with major Fortune 1000 companies, Guild helps employers provide opportunities in higher education to members of their frontline workforce. The company’s mission is to help the 88 million Americans in need of upskilling gain the knowledge they need.

Companies With Education Benefits: VCA Animal Hospitals

Over half of U.S. companies now provide tuition assistance for students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, while 8 percent of companies provide student loan repayment assistance. While these numbers may seem modest, they represent a growing trend in education seen as part of an employee’s overall benefits. To learn about VCA’s educational benefits package program, spoke with Dr. Anthony Guerino, Regional Director for VCA Heartland.

Complete Guide to Environmental Science and its Components

Environmental Science is a multidisciplinary field, one that is grounded in biology, chemistry, and physics, but that also encompasses quantitative and behavioral sciences, as well as aspects of anthropology, climatology, geology, meteorology, mineralogy, oceanography, and zoology.

Connect with Top Anthropology Professors on Twitter

These top anthropology professors are active leaders in anthropological academic and field research. They have advanced the knowledge of their field, launched educational programs, and authored scholarly articles or books.

Connect with Top Computer Science Professors on Twitter

These computer science professors are affiliated with United States colleges or global educational institutions. They are active on Twitter, making it easy to follow and engage with them.

Connect with Top Criminology and Criminal Justice Professors on Twitter

These engaged criminal justice and criminology professors on Twitter share their insights and unique academic perspectives on current developments in law, extremism, criminal procedure, evidence, sentencing, policy, and justice.

Connect with Top Design Professors on Twitter

Follow and connect with design professors who strive to shift the paradigm of what might be considered aesthetic and sustainable design, and encourage us to open our minds to understand the complexity of the world and build a better one.

Connect with Top Game Design Professors on Twitter

These top game design professors are active leaders in game design who have produced major blockbuster games and authored articles or books on foundational industry information such as game development and game culture.

Connect with Top Nursing Professors on Twitter

These top nursing professors are active leaders in nursing education. They have produced major research, educational programs, and authored articles or books on foundational industry information such as patient-provider relationships and various modes of care.

Connect With Top Psychology Professors on Twitter

From clinical psychology and neuropsychiatry to new avenues of psychology, including mindfulness and technology, psychology professors help shape the world we live in. This list of professors features inspiring thought-leaders who are preparing their students to enter the job market with a range of abilities, including how to conduct research, interpret data, gain insight into

Connect with Top Public Health Professors on Twitter

Professors involved in public health generally gear their classes and research toward public policy or politics, and they often act as experts and advocates about the issues they study, which can include the use of HIV treatments in sub-Saharan Africa as well as the impact of media on individuals during a disaster.

Connect with Top User Experience (UX) Design Professors on Twitter

These top user experience (UX) design professors are active leaders in user design and experience education who have produced major research, taught educational programs, and authored publications on foundational industry information, such as how design might enhance society and technology companies can structure their products to support ethics.

Connected Marketing Professors on Twitter

Meet top professors of marketing who are active on Twitter, and learn more about their areas of expertise and specialization.

Degrees of Tomorrow: Online Programs in AI, Technology & Engineering

Check out detailed information on the degree programs that can prepare learners for the best jobs of tomorrow. At the same time, they can qualify students to start working in high-paying positions today. These areas of study are backed up with strong fundamentals in technology and engineering, and also have promising funding streams in place for the future.

Degrees of Tomorrow: Online Programs in Biotech & Healthcare

Two fields that are growing rapidly in the United States are biotechnology and healthcare. A study completed by Grand View Research estimates that the field of biotechnology will have an annual compound growth rate of over 15 percent from 2021 to 2028, while the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs in healthcare will increase 16 percent between 2020 and 2030.

Digital Literacy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Knowing how to find information online and use digital technologies to communicate and engage in our world is now a basic competency of our increasingly global society. These skills stretch beyond the basic Google search, email correspondence, and social media posts.

Do Graduate Schools Accept Online Degrees? The Perspective of Admissions Teams

Completing a bachelor’s degree is an accomplishment, whether it is done in person or online. And preparing to apply for graduate school is another significant accomplishment. When a student chooses to further their education, they may wonder if it makes a difference if their online degree is accepted or not.

Dragon Fire, Tiger Rising – Why India May Be the Next Edtech Investment Hub After China’s Clampdown

Already home to some major edtech unicorns and a digital landscape burgeoning with startups, India may rise as the next central hub for educational technology investments following China’s recent clampdown on its tech and education sectors.

Earning a Degree Without Graduating: Could the Colorado Re-Engaged (CORE) Initiative Be a National Template?

In 2021, the Colorado General Assembly passed the Higher Education Student Success Bill (HB21-1330). This ambitious bill included many provisions for improving students’ success in obtaining post-secondary credentials. One unique aspect was the creation of the Colorado re-engaged (CORE) initiative, which will retroactively award associate’s degrees to students who enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program, completed at least 70 credits of college coursework, and didn’t earn a degree.

Education for All: Online ESL Education

With the advent of easier-to-build websites and third party services that help teachers and professors design curriculum, the internet has become the go-to place for varied ESL learning materials. Online teaching aids and resources help ESL and ESOL teachers, professors, and instructors discover new ways to enrich their students’ understanding.

Educational Technologies for Students, Teachers, and Administrators in 2022

Technology has been a part of education for as long as teachers have been teaching, but it has advanced a long way from notebook paper on a projector screen. Today’s educational technology uses projectors but it might be to project a touchable “screen” onto the wall. Nearly everything that students do in class has a technological element.

Five Schools with Outstanding Accounting Faculty

These professors have proven themselves as role models in the academic and professional worlds of accountancy through their years of experience working, teaching, and contributing to their communities.