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Saint Mary's College - Online Master of Science in Data Science Program

Saint Mary’s College offers an online Master of Science in Data Science degree program that combines an in-depth foundation in mathematical and statistical analysis, with training in database design, data mining, technical writing, and IT project management. This is a 36-credit master’s program that includes a minimum of 30 course credits, and as many as six practicum credits. Students who enroll in two courses per semester can complete the degree in 20-24 months, the equivalent of five or six semesters. Courses are taught online, but students must attend two campus-based weekend sessions, one in August of the first year and one in August of the second year of the program.

The online MS in Data Science at Saint Mary’s College utilizes a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction. This means that individual courses contain a mixture of live lectures and discussion, and self-moderated components, including recorded lectures, discussion boards, and other on-demand assets. Depending on the class, students may be required to engage in video conferencing, complete interactive assignments, and/or work independently on data science projects.

The Data Science curriculum at Saint Mary’s College is grounded in a core of ten courses that fulfill 30 of the 36 credits required for graduation. This core curriculum includes coursework in the following: Applied Linear Algebra; Applied Statistics; Algorithms and Data Structures; Data Analytics Outcomes Improvement; Database Systems; Professional and Technical Writing; Project Management; Data Mining; Data Preprocessing and Visualization; and Research Methods. Students then have several options for completing the remaining six credits: they can complete a data science thesis for three credits; take up to four credits of elective coursework; and/or earn up to six credits through an applied data science practicum. All students must also complete an uncredited Entrepreneurship for Data Scientists course that involves crafting a business plan for a profit-driven or social entrepreneurship venture in the field of data science.

Saint Mary’s College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Saint Mary's College Online

Programs Offered: Data Science (Master of Science in Data Science)
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission
Instruction Methods: Program uses a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction with most courses using both delivery methods. Some instructors also hold live online discussion sessions to actively engage with students.
Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

Online Master of Science in Data Science program

Program Overview
Program Type: Data Science
Degree Conferred: Masters
Program Structure: Online instruction with two on-campus visits required (one weekend session each August)
Example Courses: Applied statistics, Database systems, Data mining, Data exploration and visualization, Computer programming
Program Website:
Degree Requirements
Credits Required: 36 credits needed to graduate
Campus Visits Required: 2 (during the program)
Program Options
Program Start Dates: Fall admission only
Curriculum Options: Part-time only
Length of Program: Program can be completed in 20 to 24 months (5-6 semesters)
Admission Requirements and Tuition Costs
Degree Required for Admission: Bachelor's Degree
GPA Requirements: Minimum GPA 3.0 preferred
Testing Requirements: GRE or GMAT required
Work Experience: Relevant experience or education in a technical or quantitative area recommended
Tuition Costs: ~$27,900 + fees
Cost per Credit Hour: $775 per credit hour
Eligibility Information: Program currently accepts students from all 50 states (students should contact the admissions office to determine if program is authorized in their state of residence)

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