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Dakota State University - Online Master of Science in Analytics Program

Dakota State University offers an online Master of Science in Analytics degree designed to equip students with the tools necessary to work in today’s data-driven business world. The program familiarizes students with advanced data processing technologies, the programming skills needed to use and evaluate data processing systems, and the analytics techniques employed to obtain and communicate actionable information from large datasets. Students also have the choice of two optional concentrations in addition to the General Analytics track: Information Systems, and Healthcare Analytics. This is a 30-credit master’s degree program that can be completed by full-time students in four semesters, or 16 months; part-time student have up to five years to complete the degree. The degree is 100% online, and does not require any campus visits.

Dakota State University utilizes a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction for its online programs. Class sessions may involve live streaming and/or pre-recorded video lectures. Course materials are available on-demand through a class website, and there are interactive discussion boards to help facilitate group learning. Students can also communicate with professors directly through email.

The MS in Analytics program offered by Dakota State University is grounded in a foundation of six core courses that cover key topics in Analytics. These include: Data Warehousing and Data Mining; Programming for Data Analytics; Big Data Analytics; Statistical Programming; and Modern Applied Statistics I & II. There are two additional advanced Analytics requirements: Predictive Analytics for Decision Making, and Advanced Data Mining Applications. Students then have the option of choosing two elective courses, which determine the track. Students who opt for the General Analytics track take electives in subjects like Advanced Business Finance, Economics for Decision Makers, and Strategic Marketing. The Healthcare Analytics track includes electives in Healthcare Information Infrastructure, and Data Management in Health Informatics. The Information Systems track includes electives in Advanced Databases, and System Analysis and Design Using Case Tools.

Dakota State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Dakota State University

Programs Offered: Analytics (Master of Science in Analytics)
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission
Instruction Methods: Program uses both synchronous and asynchronous instruction with live and recorded lectures. Students interact with classmates and professors through interactive discussion boards and course websites
Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

Online Master of Science in Analytics program

Program Overview
Program Type: Analytics
Degree Conferred: Masters
Program Structure: Online instruction with no campus visits required
Optional Concentrations: Healthcare analytics, Information systems, General
Example Courses: Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Programming for Data Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Data Mining Applications
Program Website:
Degree Requirements
Credits Required: 30 credits needed to graduate
Campus Visits Required: 0
Program Options
Program Start Dates: Three starts per year: Fall, Spring, Summer semesters
Curriculum Options: Full-time and Part-time
Length of Program: Full-time: program can be completed in 16 months (4 semesters); Part-time: students have up to 5 years to complete the program
Admission Requirements and Tuition Costs
Degree Required for Admission: Bachelor's Degree
GPA Requirements: Minimum GPA 2.7
Testing Requirements: Not required
Work Experience: Undergraduate courses in programming, database design, and statistics required
Tuition Costs: ~$13,261.50 + fees
Cost per Credit Hour: $442.05 per credit hour
Eligibility Information: Program currently accepts students from all 50 states

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