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Brandeis University - Online Master of Science in Strategic Analytics Program

Brandeis University’s Graduate School of Professional Studies (GPS) offers an online Master of Science in Strategic Analytics degree designed to give students the skills and training necessary to handle the tools and technology of data mining, data analysis, and data reporting within an organization. Aimed at working professionals who are looking to advance their careers, the MS in Strategic Analytics focuses on integrating organizational leadership and communications skills with a strong foundation in the technical aspects of data management. Students can complete the 30-credit degree in roughly two-and-a-half years of part-time enrollment, and have up to five years to finish the ten required courses. No campus visits are required for the online Master’s in Strategic Analytics program.

The GPS uses a Learning and Teaching Technology Environment (LATTE) that supports asynchronous instruction. Recorded lectures and other multi-media course materials are accessible to students on-demand through LATTE, as are weekly checklists and an online calendar and assignments tool that students can use to ensure they are keeping up with each course syllabus. Classes are capped at 16 students, and peer-to-peer interactions are encourage through the use of online discussion forums, where weekly questions and responses are posted.

The Master’s in Strategic Analytics degree program is built around seven required courses in core analytics subject areas. These include: Foundations of Data Science and Analytics; Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Strategic Decision Making; Statistics and Data Analytics; Strategic Analytics and Visualization for Big Data; Marketing and Customer Analytics; Analytics Strategy and Management; and Data Quality and Governance. Students complete the nine remaining credits by choosing three electives from a range of options, including: Database Management, Cloud Computing, Professional Communications; Data Security, Privacy and Ethics; and Enterprise Content Management.

Brandeis University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Brandeis University: Graduate Professional Studies

Programs Offered: Analytics (Online Master of Science in Strategic Analytics)
Accreditation: New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
Instruction Methods: Program uses asynchronous instruction with students completing weekly assignments and participating in online course forums where they post responses to discussion questions.
Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

Online Master of Science in Strategic Analytics program

Program Overview
Program Type: Analytics
Degree Conferred: Masters
Program Structure: Online instruction with no campus visits required
Example Courses: Foundations of Data Science and Analytics, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Strategic Decision Making, Statistics and Data Analytics, Strategic Analytics and Visualization for Big Data
Program Website:
Degree Requirements
Credits Required: 30 credits needed to graduate
Campus Visits Required: 0
Program Options
Program Start Dates: Three starts per year: Fall, Spring, Summer terms
Curriculum Options: Part-time only
Length of Program: Program takes 2.5 to 3 years to complete (on average), students have up to 5 years to complete the program
Admission Requirements and Tuition Costs
Degree Required for Admission: Bachelor's Degree
GPA Requirements: No minimum GPA to apply
Testing Requirements: Not required for admission
Work Experience: Not required for admission
Tuition Costs: ~$33,250 + fees (10 courses)
Cost per Credit Hour: $3,325 per course
Eligibility Information: Program currently accepts students from all 50 states

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