Qualities Employers Look For

During the job interview, employers are evaluating employees not just on their job skills, but also for other qualities that are important in the workplace. With this in mind, it is especially important that you put your best foot forward during a job interview.

Below are some of the top qualities that employers say they want in their employees.

  1. Professional appearance. When you first arrive for your interview, you are being evaluated even before your interview begins. How you present yourself reflects many thing to an employer. This is why it is important to dress appropriately for a job interview.
  2. High energy and an interest in the job. Employers want to know that their employees bring energy and enthusiasm to their workplace. Your attitude and energy are often reflected in the way you walk when you enter the room and how well you make eye contact. Employers feel that employees who are enthusiastic and energetic about their jobs will be more successful and productive.
  3. A good work ethic. Employers want to have employees who are committed to getting the job done, and getting it done well. There are several things that let employers know that a job candidate has good work ethics. These include:
    • High career goals
    • Completing or reaching goals
    • Work-related activities after work hours
    • Employment history showing achievements
  4. Motivation from mentors and role models. An important quality that employers look for is motivation, which is often developed with the influence of good role models and mentors when a person is young, in school or just beginning their career. Role models can include family members, scout leaders, teachers and employers.
  5. Emotional maturity. Employers need to have employees who are emotionally mature and who take responsibility for the quality of their work. Emotionally immature employees can cause problems between coworkers and are usually not team players.
  6. Dedication to the job - not just the paycheck Employers know that those employees who only take a job for the money are not usually as productive as they could be. Employers want employees who actually are interested in the job they have and who want to succeed.
  7. Loyalty. Companies look for employees who are loyal to the goals and mission of the company. This includes supporting the company and coworkers both verbally and through actions.
  8. Cooperation. Team players are valuable assets for any company. Employers look for employees who are cooperative, open-minded and who can take criticism well. No one wants to work with someone who is touchy and who does not work well with others.
  9. Follow through. It is important the employees are able to follow through on their assignments and complete their work on time and accurately. Employers look for job applicants who have a history of completing their work on time.
  10. Ability to handle anger. Employers are concerned about keeping a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace. An employee who cannot deal with their anger, or who causes conflicts with others just create problems at work.

These are the top ten qualities that employers are looking for in potential employees. During the interview, job seekers need to keep all of these in mind and present themselves in the best possible light.